Short bio:

Open Space are an English-singing indie rock band from Belarus. The band shot to fame in native Belarus in 2008 with the song called “Beautiful”, which gained heavy radio rotation. It was followed by the full-length debut “Deal With Silence” released on December 21,2009. As a result the band won “Best pop-rock project” nomination at the “Rok-karanatsyja” annual music awards in Belarus.

In March 2011 Open Space released their second album called “Pressure”. It was recorded with a Ukrainian producer Dmitri Ivaney, who gave the songs a broader and deeper sound. Several tracks («Bookseller», «I Want You To Know») became radio hits prior to the album release.


Open Space are an active gigging ban in Belarus (mostly clubs). The band also opened for big international artists (Hurts, Brazzaville, Bi-2, Lyapis Trubetskoy, etc.) in big venues, playing in front of 1500-5000 people. Apart from Belarus Open Space played festival stages in Lithuania (Be2gether), Poland (Basowiscza), Russia (Moscow’s Metro On Stage).


Rolling Stone (Russian edition, 2010): «Open Space confidently play an energetic English-language rock and their only “deal with silence” is in the attention they give to the melody. This very tunefulness gives some of their songs the scale of almost stadium hymns”.

Social activity:

Open Space is an active supporter of the United Nations Populations Fund in Belarus, taking part in trainings and volunteer work on the problems of HIV/AIDS and promotion of fund’s social programs. The band is an Belarusian Ambassador for the international Y-Peer network.

Contact information

Seva Maslov
+375 29 627-05-40
Open Space Email

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